Jacob A Martinez

Meeting Jama and being introduced to KW has been life changing. I have been selling real estate for 11 years. In the one and a half years that I have been with Keller Williams I have learned so much about business and how to achieve the success that we all deserve. Before I really just sold houses,but now feel inspired and purposeful in my business. Its not all about selling houses its about personal growth, goals and life lessons. Not to mention that I have made almost 2 times more money than I have at any other company doing similar business.8) GCI for my year which is July to July = $197,000 ish. 

Tai Bixby

Having switched Companies previously, I was skeptical about moving to KW. The reason I moved is due to the exceptionally positive and supportive culture of the company, the continuous training at KW and the opportunity to achieve a 100% commission split. By following the systems and models in MREA, I have been able to achieve results in my business far beyond what I used to think was possible. My last year at my old company I closed $3.5 million. My first year at KW in 2013 I closed $7 million. This year I set my goal at $12 million, however as of August 2014 I'm on track to close $14 million. So I've been doubling my business each year so far while still working the same 40-50 hour weeks and taking at least a month of vacation. I feel very fortunate to have met the leadership at KW and to have the privilege of working in this organization.

Ralph Larranaga

Keller Williams is my first and only company. Through Jama’s mentorship/ consulting and using the MREA (Millionaire Real Estate Agent) book as a guide I reached 9 Million in closed transactions my first year in real estate and am on track for 15 million this year. It is amazing to be able to find a successfully proven system or model for everything we do and the support to implement as well! I am a fan of KW and of the leadership here and I consider Jama not only a mentor but a dear friend! KW believes in branding and building teams so we can operate as business people and create lives worth living!

Judy Camp and Linda Gammon

Keller Williams models and systems have simply made our lives incredibly successful in every arena. Our business systems allow us to expand and grow without working harder, just smarter. We are creating residual income through KW’s profit share and designing exit strategies that will help support our retirement….. there is NO other company that provides real estate agents these type of opportunities. Leadership is crucial in building great companies and Jama Fontaine is a natural leader and brings an abundant mindset, sharing proven systems and models, creative ideas and empowers all of us to realize our own goals and dreams. We will far surpass our goal of 10 million in production this year!